Tamar Wenocur

Once upon a (ease-in, 500) time…

One day in 2014 back east in Philadelphia, after my second internship in graphic design wrapped up, I realized I wanted to pursue another kind of design: something more interdisciplinary— I was minoring in math, and wanted to use the quantitative parts of my brain. One lucky Google search later, I found UX design, and never turned back.

Since then, I discovered a passion for data-dense design, data visualization, and design backed by a foundation in code. Today, I’m an end-to-end UX Designer who values making every decision rigorously, with measurable results. I approach design from a vantage-point of deep empathy for the user— one can never push oneself enough in user empathy.

When I'm not immersed in Sketch, you can probably find me ice skating at the crack of dawn, swing dancing, playing piano, or perusing a book over a cup of Boba tea.