Jewish history, culture, and customs from the Middle East, Far East, and North Africa.

The Jewish Experience is a rich mosaic. ASF Institute of Jewish Experience seeks to brighten the colors of the mosaic and ensure that each tile is appreciated and understood.

Come Explore the Wide, Jewish World.

Mission Statement

The ASF Institute of Jewish Experience is an online educational resource for Jewish cultures of the world. Through semester-long MOOC’s, adult lectures, and materials specially created for middle and high school students, the Institute will be a centralized resource for those interested in learning about the customs, traditions, history, and experiences of Jews from the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.

The Institute also sponsors an annual academic conference each June, accompanied by a museum exhibit, open April through June. Each annual conference and accompanying exhibit will highlight a different Jewish community.


Massive Open Online Course for continuing learners

Those who want a deeper understanding and appreciation of the multi-faceted history, culture, and customs of the Jewish world may embark on a semester-long course. Taught by scholars from around the world and multiple disciplines, each course contains lectures, self-checks and supplemental readings. Facilitated online discussions serve to enhance the learning experience.

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Educational Clips

For Jewish schools

Two to five minute clips designed to add diversity and additional perspectives to the frequently Ashkenazi-heavy and Euro-centric education offered by North American Jewish middle and high schools. Each clip expands a standard curricular item, from holidays and philosophy to Tanakh and Talmud by presenting the history, attitude, and approach of a non-Ashkenazi community from the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond, to the particular subject. Jewish studies is greatly enhanced through awareness of geographic, historical, and religious contexts. Jewish history and religion emanate from the Middle East and North Africa. By incorporating the customs, ideas, and attitudes of these millennia old communities, students are made aware of a plurality of methods of Jewish ritual and custom and the histories and observances of communities from diverse geographic locations, lending nuance and texture to Jewish history and the Jewish religion.


The American Sephardi Federation frequently hosts presentations and lectures in New York. The recorded presentations and lectures are available here for viewing on demand.

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Second Annual Conference June 2019

Jews and Muslims of Morocco: Uncommon Commonalities

Following the success of The Yemenite Conference, the American Sephardi Federation is convening a second annual conference focusing on Moroccan Jews and Muslim- Jewish relations in Morocco. A three-day academic and cultural conference, presenting the cultural, Rabbinic and intellectual tradition of Arabic Speaking, Berber speaking, and French Speaking and their commonalities with Moroccan Muslims, is to be held June 17-19, 2019 at the Center for Jewish History in New York. Scholars, dignitaries, communal leaders, and entertainers from around the world will once again convene to share research, knowledge, and cultural experiences of the multi-faceted Moroccan heritage.

Stay tuned for more details, we hope to see you there!